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Founded: 1669
Population: Approx. 2.100,000
Climate: Tropical Humid
Time Zone: - 4hr UTC
Altitude: 40ft above sea level
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The largest tributary of the Amazon River, Rio Negro, and its highest acid levels will not allow mosquitoes and other types of insects to lay eggs in the water. So, NO MOSQUITOES while fishing.
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Founded: 1758
Population: Approx. 28,000
Climate: Tropical Humid
Time Zone: - 4hr UTC
Altitude: 111ft above sea level
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Founded: 1957
Population: Approx. 24.000
Climate: Tropical Humid
Time Zone: - 4hr UTC
Altitude: 68ft above sea level
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The Amazon Rainforest

The largest rainforest in the world, one of the world’s largest ecosystems, and contains one of the most diverse arrays of species on Earth. It is home to over 40,000 species of plants, 3,800 of birds, and 2,500 of fish, the latter being more than is found in the entire Atlantic Ocean. The region is also home to the greatest river in terms of drainage and discharge. This unique area was created millions of years ago when the Amazon River changed direction from west to east during the Eocene period.

The giant country has everything from enormous red rock canyons, thundering waterfalls, carefree powdery white-sand beaches, and dramatic, pristine rain forests to metropolises that pulse with rhythm and every modern convenience.


Manaus Opera House

Folklore Party Boi Bumbá

Barcelos City

Santa Isabel City


Brazil’s attractions range from enchanting, frozen-in-time colonial towns to world-class modern architecture. Add to that the legendary biodiversity that Brazil is famous for and you start to understand its universal appeal. Brazils’ diverse ecosystems boast the greatest collection of plant and animal species found anywhere on earth.


The Spotted Jaguar

The Black Piranha

The Brazilian Red and Green-Macaw

The Pink Dolphin


Brazilians’ passion is also justifiably world-famous. Whether dancing a sultry, hip-shaking Samba, a wildly twirling carimbo, or swaying to a mellow reggae classic they are typically found celebrating what it means to be alive! Food, music, and fun times with family and friends are not just a nice-to-have, relegated to the weekend—they are truly a national priority.


Amazon Village

Local Community

It’s no wonder that Brazilians say ‘Deus é Brasileiro’ (God is Brazilian). Who wouldn’t want to experience this wealth of natural and cultural riches?
We look forward to hosting you soon and introducing you to one of the most sensory-rich, pleasure-filled, historically fascinating places on the planet.



Manaus—Heart of the Amazon

You know you are in a special place when you can you trek through untouched rainforests in the morning, swim with rare pink, freshwater dolphins in the afternoon, and take in an evocative opera in the evening? Manaus (pronounced ma’ naws) offers a rich variety of nature, culture, art and dining.

Manaus, founded in 1669, is the capital of the state of Amazonas. It is found at the confluence of the Negro and Solimoes rivers which join to form the vast and ever-changing Amazon River. It is home to over 1.9 million proud Brazilians. Access is primarily through boat or airplane. Manaus’s isolation in the heart of the Amazon rainforest has helped preserve its important natural and cultural influences. As the hub of tourism for the rivers it is the main entrance to visit the amazing flora and fauna of the mighty Amazon.

Currently the main economic engine is industry although many of the cultural sites such as the grand cathedral and beautiful opera house harken back to its’ rubber-boom days which helped it earn its nickname of the “Paris of the Tropics”. Many wealthy European families settled in Manaus and brought their love of sophisticated art, architecture, and culture with them.

The city was the only northern city in Brazil proudly hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 RIO Olympics Games.


An Amazon Phenomenon - The Meeting of the Waters

We are committed to providing you with an experience you cannot find anywhere else. Although we didn’t create this particular oddity it is one of the amazing things you will see on your custom trip.

Near Manaus the dark waters of the Rio Negro (Black River) meet the muddy brown waters of the Solimoes river without mixing, creating an unforgettable and unique display. Surprisingly, there can be a difference of 8 degrees Centigrade or 14 Fahrenheit between one river and the other. Watch for ‘the meeting’ as you fly into Manaus, or join us for a breath-taking helicopter tour or jungle lodge experience where you can see this phenomenon up close.

Just as the two rivers meet and flow side by side to create a unique environmental phenomenon—so too our trips balance the best of both worlds. The Amazon, where a primeval past meets modern day convenience. Primitive jungle meets first-class luxury. Ancient fish and modern technology. Adventure and relaxation. Join us for an once-in-a-lifetime experience… every time!


Your Amazon Adventure

The Amazon is the one of the most bio-diverse places on the entire planet. It is particularly rich in freshwater species—including more than 3,000 different fish species and interestingly, the world’s largest variety of electric fish.

The region is also home to unique and threatened South American species, including the giant arapaima fish, the Amazonian manatee, the black caiman, and two species of river dolphin.

Your senses will be delighted by the verdant rainforest as we journey in total comfort up the Rio Negro. Brightly colored birds sail by and the occasional Caiman (S.A. Alligator) peer out at us from the murky waters.

But an amazing river expedition is just part of your adventure. We have put together a wide variety of other incredible tours that will round out your experience.

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