"First Class Amazon Bass"

The Trip


Fly into Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil,

where our English-speaking staff will meet you at the airport and assist you while you are in town. At the airport our new, air-conditioned mini buses will transport you to the Radisson Hotel for the night..



You will overnight at the 5-star Caesar Business hotel. The hotel is located in the heart of Manaus, 5 minutes away from the best mall in town (Manauara) and 15 minutes from the international airport. Double occupancy at the hotel as well as breakfast are included as part of the trip package. Single occupancy is available for an extra fee.



Next day early A.M., our team will transfer you from the hotel to the executive airport for the charter flight. The twin engine turbo prop 42 seat charter aircraft will fly you directly to either the city of Barcelos (60 min flight) or to the city of Santa Isabel (80 min flight).


Upon arrival in Barcelos or Santa Isabel, our yacht manager will transfer you to the 125 foot luxury yacht – your floating hotel for the next 7 days of fishing. Barcelos is 355 years old and the first captial of the Amazonas state. Barcelos (450 miles by river from Manaus) has over 25,000 residents while Santa Isabel (625 miles by river from Manaus) has over 20,000 residents and is 356 years old.


Start fishing, our crew of 24 crew members including our Yacht Manager, Executive Chef, Fishing Guides, Boat Maid, Skippers, among others, will make sure that on each and every day of your Rio Negro River fishing trip you will have the opportunity to experience this unique place on earth called the Amazon.  




You will have an opportunity to catch 3 species of Peacock Bass with an average of 30 fish per day per boat, including both Royal (barred) and Speckled (Paca) Peacock Bass weighing 25+ pounds and the smaller Butterfly species weighing upwards of 12 lbs.  Looking at the IGFA record book, you will see that the last 3 IGFA All Tackle World Record Peacock Bass have come from the main channel of the Rio Negro River or within a few miles up its black water tributaries. This is where Captain Peacock fishes and where you will hook up with trophies. These fish are most commonly caught using bait casting and spinning equipment as described in our Fisherman's Handbook but is quickly becoming the fly fisherman's newest adventure. See our Fly Fishing Handbook for info on fly fishing for peacock bass.

The Rio Negro River system supports 2500 different species of fish including Catfish weighing upwards of 300 lbs., Pirarucu weighing upwards of 500 lbs., 3 species of Piranha, Arowana, and Pacu. This area of the Amazon is the also the freshwater tropical fish capital of the world yielding Tetras, Angelfish, Oscars, and Rainbow Bass among many others.


Beyond the fishing, our focus is to introduce you to the beauties and wonders of the Amazon. If desired, our guides can take you on amazing eco adventures around the fishing grounds such as visiting Indian villages and viewing flora and fauna of the rainforest. It will be an opportunity to make the trip a memorable one in your life.  



On the last day of your trip on the Rio Negro, the crew will prepare everything necessary for you to leave to go back home safely. Our staff will assist you on the charter flight back to Manaus, with the accommodations and or extra days in town, and to the airport for your check in. 

ITINERARY – From September through March (6 and ½ months)
We typically fish in the Upper Rio Negro watershed, 1200 - 1400 miles from the ocean, from September through March following the main river and its tributaries between Barcelos and Santa Isabel. With our trips originating in Manaus, Brazil, it requires only a charter flight and a short trip on our yacht to set you in remote spots and secret lagoons. You will experience fishing for trophy peacocks in one of the most awe inspiring locations in the world, the Amazon.

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TRIP ITINERARY - 2013-2014 Season
6 and ½ days of fishing / 8 nights trip package
DAY 1: Guests will arrive in Manaus (Brazil) flying nonstop on AMERICAN AIRLINES. Our guests will be met by an English-speaking host and transferred to an upscale hotel in Manaus.  Guests will check-in for overnight in double occupancy deluxe rooms (included in package price).
DAYS 2 - 8: Fishing Days


DAY 9: Anglers will be transferred to Manaus, arriving before noon (local time). 

The charter aircraft will arrive from upriver at the Manaus International Airport on the morning of day 9 where the international airlines will depart for the US.  Therefore clients can schedule a flight from Manaus back to the US as early as 2:00 pm in the afternoon.  Captain Peacock pays for hotel rooms (double occupancy) in Manaus on the first night of the trip as well as the last day if necessary, depending on the international air carrier the client uses.


Important Notes:

  • A minimum of 14 paid anglers is necessary to operate a weekly trip;
  • Confirmed reservations necessitate a 50% deposit. Balance will be paid 60 days prior to trip departure date (see Terms and Conditions); see calendar for specific fishing dates
  • Groups booking an exclusive week enjoy special pricing and amenities.
  • Contact us for a detailed itinerary.


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