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World’s best Peacock Bass fishing trip experience in the heart of Brazil’s, Amazon.

The Peacock Bass


Mr Leonardo & Larry LarsenThe mighty Peacock Bass of Brazil’s Amazon has become one of the most sought after freshwater fish species in the world since its “discovery” in the early 1990’s.

This colorful, hard fighting fish is capable of reaching weights of upwards of 30 pounds, is an aggressive predator that will burst out of the water to smash huge, noisy topwater lures with a vengeance and fights like a bull when hooked. Even the species’ misses are impressive with them occasionally knocking a big 7” Woodchopper topwater lure 5 to 6 feet in the air on a missed strike. Although Peacock Bass resemble and feed like a Largemouth Bass, it is actually a member of the aggressive Cichlid family and not a true bass.

Visualize a 25-pound Smallmouth Bass having a bad hair day and you’ll get an idea of what a Peacock Bass’ temperament and fighting ability are all about! Peacock Bass will readily strike jerk baits, spoons, jigs, and flies, but that explosive topwater strike on a big Woodchopper or Rip Roller is what people come to Brazil’s Amazon to experience.

Guests of Capt Peacock targeting one of the three species of Peacock Bass found in the upper Rio Negro of Brazil’s Amazon average 30 fish per day per boat and fish of more than 20 or even 25 pounds are not uncommon.


Other Amazon Fish Species

There are over 2,500 documented species of fish in the Amazon River basin, adding a whole new perspective to the question, “What else can I catch?” There are three species of catfish including the piraiba which reaches lengths of nearly seven feet and weights of over 400 pounds, the prehistoric Arapaima that snakes to lengths of 10 feet or more and can weigh over 400 lbs., three species of piranha each weighing over 5 lbs., the ancient Arowana that explodes upwards of five feet out of the water to catch birds and small mammals from overhanging brush, a myriad of different species of Oscars, and tiny fresh water tropical fish the likes of Tetras and Angel fish. There are so many species of fish that dropping a piece of cut bait in the deep channels of the river or casting a small crank bait into the shallows will sometimes procure a fish that your guide, who grew up on the river fishing nearly every day of his life, has never seen before. Fishing in Brazil’s Amazon is the epitome of “exploratory fishing!”

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