"First Class Amazon Bass"

Amazon Peacock Bass

The mighty Peacock Bass of Brazil’s Amazon has become one of the most sought after freshwater fish species in the world since this fishery was opened in the early 1990’s.


This colorful hard fighting fish, often weighing 25 lbs or better, is an aggressive feeder that will come out of 20 feet of water to smash huge, noisy top water lures with a vengeance.


Occasionally they will knock a big 7” Wood Chopper top water lure 5 to 6 feet in the air on a missed strike. Although a Peacock Bass feeds and fishes like a Largemouth Bass, the Peacocks are actually a member of the aggressive Cichlid family of South American fishes and not a member of the same family as the Large Mouth Bass.


Visualize a 25 lbs Smallmouth Bass, having a bad hair day, and you will get an idea of what a Peacock Bass’ temperament and fighting ability are all about! Peacock Bass will readily strike jerk baits, spoons, jigs and flies, but that explosive top water strike on a big Woodchopper or Rip Roller is what people come to Brazil’s Amazon to experience.


You will also have an opportunity to catch 4 species of Peacock Bass with an average of 30 fish per day per boat, including both Royal (barred) and Speckled (Paca) Peacock Bass weighing 25+ pounds, the smaller Butterfly species weighing up to 12+ lbs and Popoca weighing up to 5 lbs.. Looking at the IGFA record book, you will see that most of the existing World Record Peacock Bass have come from Brazil’s black water Rio Negro River systems and there is where Captain Peacock will hook you up with trophies. These fish are most commonly caught using bait casting and spinning equipment as described in our Fisherman's Handbook but is quickly becoming the fly fisherman's newest adventure. See our Fly Fishing Handbook for info on fly fishing for peacock bass.Mobility is the key to success in the varying water conditions prevailing in Brazil's Amazon and our shallow draft yacht allows anglers to fish different waters virually every day. Fishing is done from 18 ft. carpeted bass boats with 2 anglers and a Brazilian guide per boat. The Captain Peacock guides average 12 years of experience guiding for Peacock Bass in Brazil's Amazon.







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