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Frequently Asked Questions


The following are the most common questions our guests have. Please feel free to contact the office if there is anything else we can help you with.

+ What documentation do I need?

A valid passport is required to enter Brazil. Additionally, you must secure a Visa from the Brazilian consulate. Carry your passport with you at all times. Keep a photocopy of the passport picture page and your Visa page in a separate place. This will aid in replacing a lost passport. You may also need an additional piece of photo I.D. such as a driver’s license.

+ How do I obtain my tourist Visa?

We strongly advise you to contact our Visa Expediter - Visas International - for help in acquiring a Brazilian Tourist Visa. Go to: and click on Captain Peacock page or contact the following number: (469) 233-0910.

+ What do I need when applying for a Brazilian VISA?

  • Your airfare itinerary (reservations only);
  • A valid passport (6 months is required);
  • Your destination address and contact info – contact us for the letter to the Brazilian Embassy.

+ What about trip insurance?

Your trip package does not include insurance of any kind. But we do have a special Cancellation Protection Voucher, which will give you the piece-of-mid you deserve to have. For details on trip cancellation, please contact us at for more information. This protection covers the cost of your trip package when common issues by a third party occur.

If your health insurance plan does not cover your medical expenses for sickness or accident while traveling abroad you may want to consider separate traveler’s medical insurance.

+ What should I pack for my Capt. Peacock trip?

You will receive a Welcome Package 30 days before your trip with a Suggested Packing List and updated Trip Itinerary. Resist the tendency to over pack. Fishing partners should coordinate their packing of items to avoid unnecessary duplication. Remember Captain Peacock has daily laundry service so there is no need to overpack, such clothes for each day.

We recommend a durable, water-resistant, lockable, top-zipper duffel as the checked luggage. However regular suitcases are acceptable. Carry your most valuable, essential and fragile items (preferably a change of clothes, too) in your carry-on pack. Unlike most charter flights, with Capt. Peacock there are no weight restrictions on your luggage flying up to, and back from, the yacht.

+ What type of fishing equipment do I need? Can I use my fly rod?

Peacock Bass are most commonly caught using bait casting and spinning equipment as described in our Fisherman's Handbook (found on our website but peacock bass fishing is quickly becoming the fly fisherman's newest adventure. See our Fly Fishing Handbook for info on fly-fishing for Peacock Bass (found on our website

You are welcome to bring your own gear but bait casting and spinning rods, reels, and lines are all included in your package. We also have some fly rods available.

+ I know that my rods, reels, and lines are included, but what about lures?

Lures are not included in your trip package, and that is for a simple reason: we want your fishing results to be as successful as your trip with us, so we do not provide beat up used lures, it is all new tackle and selected by our expert guides. The lures are leased and not sold, so they are replaced and furnished for new ones during your entire trip, and no extra costs are applied to this special offer. These kits contain the lures you need for the success of your trip, such as top water, jerk baits & jigs.

We have a special price if booked in advanced. If you have not made arrangements for the lease of our Lure Kit – please bring your own lures instead. This is optional, but we want to make sure you get the best from us.

+ What vaccinations and health precautions do I need?

It is not required to get Malaria, Yellow Fever, or Hepatitis vaccine when visiting Brazil. It is not mandatory, but because you are fishing and working with metal hooks, we recommend that you have had a current tetanus booster shot at least.

A yellow fever vaccination certificate may be required if you have traveled within the last 90 days, to any of the following countries: Angola, Bolivia, Benin, Burkina, Cameroon, Colombia, and Democratic Republic of Congo, Ecuador, French Guyana, Gabon, Ghana, Gambia, Republic of Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Peru, Sierra Leone, Sudan or Venezuela.

Please check with your personal physician or travel clinic for recommendations.

+ What else is there to do?

Given that you have likely travelled quite a distance to reach Brazil, we encourage you to take in the whole exotic, exciting, experience that is the Amazon! That is why we have created a number of custom local tours and additional activities. Please access our website: for details on extra tours, helicopter flyout, sightseeing tours or fascinating eco-adventures. Whether you want to swim with dolphins, watch an indigenous ritual, or take in local history. Please let us know before your trip starts so we can plan our route and guide assignments based on these special excursions. Last minute requests will offer different charges to be applied.

+ Does Capt. Peacock make arrangements for extra(s) night(s) in Brazil?

We provide a package with English-speaking host at the airport, deluxe extra hotel night (either double or single occupancy), breakfast and taxes included, and airport transfers for up to two for the regular price of $245 USD when booked in advance. We do not offer one of the services, separately.

+ Any special rates for Intl Airfare, flying with American or TAM Airlines?

Yes, we have arranged special rates only to our guests with American Airlines and/or TAM Airlines. Please let us know if you would like a quote by sending us your departure city and a copy of your passport (first page) and we will get you a very special rate either on business or coach classes.

+ What about extra night at the Miami Intl Airport Hotel?

In addition, if you decide to overnight in Miami, Capt. Peacock can provide you with an exclusive SGL or DBL occupancy rates at the Miami International Airport Hotel all year long depending upon availability. Please let us know if you would like us to provide a quote. Hotel is located on concourse E, inside of the airport, just a few steps from your gate.

+ What is the booking availability?

As the booking calendar changes on an almost daily basis, please contact one of our agents for current availability. Our U.S. office:

+1 (262) 299-4999 / our e-mail:

Your spot is secured once we receive your deposit. The balance is due a minimum of 60 days before departure. Please note: Our trips are all subject to availability and trip conditions.

+ What is the yacht capacity?

We can accommodate up to 24 guests per expedition (double occupancy) or 12 guests (single occupancy). Guest lodgings include 1 Master stateroom with a king bed, 2 staterooms with a queen and single bed, and the 9 side-by-side single beds.

All staterooms are INDEPENDENTLY air-conditioned and have a private bath and walk in shower (with hot water), which affords optimal personal choice for your care and comfort.

Master suite is available for an extra cost of $1,000 per week. Queen suites are selected primarily for couples and it doesn’t cost any extra amount.

+ Can I have a SGL (single) room in the boat and in the hotel in Manaus?

Absolutely – single occupancy can be arranged by contacting the office or your booking agent. Please note: A single room on the boat does not mean a private boat for fishing during the day. Anglers will fish with two people in each boat and a guide. However, a single package including private cabin on board yacht and hotel room while in Manaus is possible and subject to availability.

+ Are there a lot of boat noises?

And what about seasickness?

The boat has a high damper noise system that reduces up to 85% of engine noises while navigating. So it is very quite. When the boat is parked the generator can barely be heard. The Rio Negro is a very calm river and the Yacht is extremely stable. Even customers who regularly get seasick have had no problems on the boat.

+ Is there satellite phone and Internet available?

Yes, Capt. Peacock can provide long distance phone services to anywhere around the globe for $10 per minute flat rate (taxes applied) as well as regular Internet access through our computer for $125 / 25 MB used (taxes applied).

+ How about appliances and power?

Power on board yacht is standard North American 110-volt outlets.

+ What about gratuities?

There is no obligation to tip, but if you want to show your appreciation for the services provided, we recommend a tip of $400 per person to be shared between the 24 yacht crewmembers.

USD 200 would be shared by the 12 yacht staff, plus USD 200 to be shared between the 12 fishing guides. WE DO NOT ACCEPT payments of any kind on board yacht. Therefore, our office will contact you either before or in the end of your trip to apply charges throughout a check or credit card if you wish to contribute so. We strongly advise that daily tips are not given in order to avoid conflicts with our guides and crew. If you want to tip one or more people more than what you place in the check or credit card, please mention his/her or their name(s) to our office and we will make sure that it will go directly to that (those) individual(s).

+ Why do I need to furnish my credit card information?

Dollars are not accepted in Brazil, which has REAL as its actual currency. It makes very hard to exchange money in Manaus (Brazil) as you will arrive in one day and depart to the yacht early next day. We also do not carry any money (cash) on board yacht and credit card machines through satellite portable internet dish are just too expensive to be used in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. High fees would be applied to each separete transaction.
Therefore, and based on those reasons, we will use your credit card information through the U.S office in order to check you in, just like you do when you are visiting any hotel worldwide. Any charges or any purchases while you are on board yacht in Brazil will only be collected through your credit card in the U.S., but only with your previous signed authorization. It will also gives you way more convenience to purchase whatever you wish without being worry with carrying money for.

+ What about weather conditions in the Amazon?

Temperatures typically range from 75 at night to 95 degrees or more during the day. Anglers and non–anglers should be prepared to fish under the equatorial sun. But keep in mind that during the day, the yacht and the bass tracker boats are often on the move so you will have a cooling breeze while traveling from one great spot to another new adventure. Wear long sleeve shirts and pants made of a tropical weight material (ideally with UV protection built into the material), comfortable hats and good sunglasses. Although we fish during the dry season, downpours do occur, so don’t forget to pack a lightweight rain suit. Humidity is high but the ship is fully air conditioned for your comfort with each cabin being individually controlled.

+ Is it really true that there are no bugs?

It’s true. Because of the high acid levels of the Rio Negro mosquitoes and other types of insects cannot reproduce their eggs on the water. Consequently while fishing you will not see any black or biting flies, mosquitoes, or other pests.

The Rio Negro (Black River) is the largest tributary of the Amazon. It is also the largest black water river in the world, and one of the world's largest rivers in average discharge. While the name Rio Negro means Black River, its waters aren't exactly black; they are similar in color to strong tea. The dark color comes from acid caused by incomplete breakdown of phenol-containing vegetation from sandy clearings.

The river's name arises from the fact that it looks black from afar. The Rio Negro has a richness of species with about 700 fish species having been documented in the river basin with an estimate of 800-900 species total.

+ What is the predominant language there?

Portuguese is the official language of Brazil, which is very similar to Spanish. The guides can communicate very well in English, especially as it pertains to fishing. The host (yacht manager) on board the Captain Peacock yacht is an American and will assist you with any inquiries you may have.

+ Is it safe in Brazil?

Absolutely. Brazil has been elected to receive World Cup and Olympic games for a good reason... it is one of the most safety countries in South America and Manaus is one very friendly city of Brazil. Capt. Peacock provides transfers and tours in order to not only ensure your comfort, but also your convenience when dealing with a foreign language (Portuguese) and a different culture.

+ What about the destination?

Generally you will find the people welcoming and the city rich in attractions and history. Manaus is the bustling home to 1.9 million people and has every modern convenience you could need.

Manaus is the capital city of the state of Amazonas. It is situated at the confluence of the Negro and Amazon rivers and has a bustling and active port. It was founded in 1693 and is located in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. It is basically only accessed by boat at the free port or airplane at the international airport. This isolation helped preserve both the nature and culture of the city and área.



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