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General Information (FAQ'S)


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+ What vaccinations and health precautions do I need ?

A yellow fever vaccination certificate may be required if you have traveled within the last 90 days, to any of the following countries: Angola, Bolivia, Benin, Burkina, Cameroon, Colombia, and Democratic Republic of Congo, Ecuador, French Guyana, Gabon, Ghana, Gambia, Republic of Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Peru, Sierra Leone, Sudan or Venezuela. The Center for Disease Control (www.cdc.gov) strongly recommends, although it is not a requirement, that foreign tourists visiting the Amazon regions of Brazil, Venezuela, and Peru take a vaccine to prevent yellow fever and hepatitis as well as oral medication to prevent malaria. Please check with your personal physician for recommendations. Again, it is not mandatory but we strongly recommend you have had a current tetanus booster shot for any possible emergency.

+What about insurance ?

Your trip package does not include insurance of any kind. If your health policy does not cover your medical expenses for sickness or accident while traveling abroad you should obtain separate traveler’s insurance. 

+ Obtaining my tourist Visa ?

Entry into Brazil requires a Tourist Visa.Please allow at least 2 months for processing your VISA.  This is particularly important this year due to the fact that World Cup Soccer games will be played in Manaus next June. We strongly advise you to contact an expediter such as Visa's International for help in acquiring a Brazilian Tourist VISA. Go to

http://www.visasinternational.com and click on Captain Peacock or contact the following number: (469)233-0910.

You will need the following ready when you apply for a VISA:
- your travel itinerary (you must reserver your flight before applying for a VISA).
- your passport.
- your destination address and contact info which is:


You will be staying at Caesar Business when you’re in Manaus:

Caesar Business
Avenida Darcy Vargas, 654 –
Chapada Manaus - AM, 69050-020, Brazil
(305) 515-7200
Your contact person is Leonardo Leao (president of CP)
Email: leonardo@captpeacock.com


+What documentation do I need ?

A valid passport is required to enter Brazil. Additionally, you must secure a visa from the Brazilian consulate. Carry your passport with you at all times. Keep a photocopy of the passport picture page in a separate place. This will aid in replacing a lost passport. 

+Packing for Captain Peacock trip ?

Upon receipt of deposits, you will receive paper work with all relevant information, including a packing list. Please, make sure you call us to let us know if you have not received it.  Please resist the tendency to over pack. Fishing partners should coordinate their packing of items to avoid unnecessary duplication. We recommend a durable, water-resistant, lockable, top-zipper duffel as the checked luggage. Carry your most valuable, essential and fragile items (preferably a change of clothes, too) in your carry-on pack. Due to the use of charter aircrafts in the Amazon region, a 50-pound luggage weight plus 10-pound carry-on limit is enforced. Remember Capt Peacock has daily laundry service so there is no need to pack clothes for each day. Bait casting and spinning rods are also available at no extra cost.  

+ Booking availability?

As the booking calendar changes on almost a daily basis, please contact either our office or one of our agents for current availability.  

+ What is the yacht capacity ?

We can accommodate up to 22 anglers per expedition (double occupancy) or 14 anglers (single occupancy). Guest lodging includes 14 staterooms, 1 with a king bed, 2 with double beds, and 11 with side by side single beds. All staterooms are air conditioned, each with a private bath and shower, affording an intimate environment with optimal personalized care. 

+ What is the predominant language there?

Portuguese is the official language of Brazil. The guides can communicate very well in English, especially as it pertains to fishing. As part of your gift box which you will receive we will include a laminated sheet with a few Portuguese words that you may find helpful for your trip. The host (boat manager) on board Capt. Peacock is fluent in English and will assist you with any inquiries you may need. 

+ What about weather conditions in the Amazon?

Temperatures typically range from 75 at night to 95 degrees or more during the day. Anglers and non –anglers should be prepared to fish under the equatorial sun. Wear long sleeve shirts and pants made of a tropical weight material and wide brim hats. Although we fish during the dry season, downpours do occur, so don’t forget to pack a lightweight rain suit.

+ Is there satellite phone and internet avaliable ?

Yes, we can provide long distance phone service to anywhere around the globe for $10 per minute flat rate (taxes applied) as well as regular Internet access through our computer for $10 per MB used (taxes applied).     

+ Can I spend an extra day in town?

We can provide extra days in Manaus the cost of $295 per room (either double or single occupancy) including transfers in and out of the international airport.

+ Can I obtain special rates for the Miami intl Airport Hotel?

Yes, Capt. Peacock can provide you with exclusive SGL or DBLoccupancyrates at the Miami International Airport Hotel all year long depending upon availability.

+ Can I have a SGL ( single) room in the boat?

We cannot provide single rooms in the boat, unless you pay for the equivalent of two guests, which 25% discount will be applied on the second space only. In case nobody else pays for that spot, and the boat turns into an odd number (11 for example), you might be able to have your own room through a waiting list but this is not guaranteed.

+ Do I have drinkable water reservoir on board?

The water on board is 100% treated and drinkable, however we do recommend you use the regular complimentary sealed bottles of water we provide on the yacht.  We have a reservoir of 500 Gal of water.

+What about boat noises?

The boat has a high damper noise system that reduces up to 85% engine noises while navigating. When the boat is parked the generator can barely be heard.

+What about gratuities?

There is no obligation to tip but if you want to show your appreciation for the services provided, we recommend $200 to be shared in between the yacht crew (13 crewmembers), plus $200 to be shared between the fishing guides (11 guides). Envelopes for this will be provided at the end of the week. We strongly advise that daily tips are not given in order to avoid conflicts with our guides and crew If you want to tip more than what you place in the envelope, please do it in the end of the week directly to the person you wish to give it to.

+What type of fishing equipment do I need? Can I use my flyrod?

These fish are most commonly caught using bait casting and spinning equipment as described in our Fisherman's Handbook but peacock bass fishing is quickly becoming the fly fisherman's newest adventure. See our Fly Fishing Handbook for info on fly fishing for peacock bass.


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