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Capt. Peacock Finds “Family” Success In Toronto

Capt Peacock Brazil's Amazon

Capt. Peacock Yachts & Expeditions Media & Marketing Manager Gayne C. Young recently returned from the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show at the International Centre in Toronto, Canada where the company exhibited for the first time. The five-day show is considered to be one of the largest hunting, fishing, and outdoor themed shows in the country and saw over 65,000 people in attendance. And despite the weakness of the Canadian dollar and this being the company’s first time to exhibit north of the U.S., Young says that Capt. Peacock exceeded all expectations.  “Each show is unique and this was no exception,” Young explained upon his return.   “We traditionally sell a great many private cruises and couples trips at DSC and SCI but the norm at the Toronto show seemed to be family trips.” Young feels the new, larger and more hotel-like Rio Negro Queen is partially responsible for the swell of family interest. “I think we owe most of our success at the show to the family appeal of the new yacht and to the kids in the families that came by the booth,” Young confesses. “It seemed as though the dads stopped by when they saw the trophy peacock bass, the moms were the first to notice the new yacht, and the kids – teens mostly – were the ones that voiced that this was a trip they wanted to take as well.” Read More

Peacock bass fishing Capt. Peacock

Fishing Report Week #23 Feb 11 – 19, 2016

Tim with a 22 pound Amazonian BEAST!
Tim with a 22 pound Amazonian BEAST!

My guides never cease to amaze me.

Case in point, week 23 saw the lowest water levels this season. As this normally means the fishing will be less than stellar to say the least, I had some grave concerns. So much in fact that I actually contacted our guests ahead of their trip to tell them the fishing might not be up to my standards and offered to re-book them for a future date. Despite my warnings, all agreed to come saying that they had faith my guides would do their best. Read More

Capt Peacock’s Journal: The Legend Of The Mapinguary


Some tribes considerate it a God.

Others a demon.

Some say it eats the living while others say only the dead.

Regardless, all know it as the “Mapinguary,” a name that loosely translates to “the roaring animal” or “the fetid beast.”

While accounts vary, from village to village up-and-down the Amazon most agree that mapinguary (pronounced ma-ping-wahr-EE) stands between 8 to 10 feet tall when on two legs and is something of a cross between a giant sloth from prehistoric times and a gorilla. Its thick matted fur is said to reek so bad that those who encounter it in the jungle become dizzy or hypnotized. Read More

Yes, Virginia There Is A Santa Clause And He Does Visit Amazônia


Artwork by Allison V. Young

I received the following letter late last week.

Dear Capt Peacock—

I am 8 years old. Some of my little friends say there is no Santa Claus and furthermore if there was such a man, he surely wouldn’t visit Amazônia. My dad said I should write you, as you are an authority on all things regarding the Amazon and that, “If Capt Peacock says there’s a Santa and that he visits the Amazon, it’s so.” Please tell me the truth, is there a Santa Claus?

Virginia O’Hanlon

Well, Virginia, first let me congratulate you on your usage of the words “furthermore” and “regarding.” Pretty good vocabulary for an eight year old. Read More