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Fishing Report: Jan 5 – 13, 2017

Fishing Report: Jan 5 - 13, 2017 Peacock Bass

By Capt Peacock

Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after. —Henry David Thoreau

I’ve always loved this quote by Thoreau and I’m happy that many of my guests this week agree with it.

This because the fishing this week was pretty bad.

Not because of my guides or the anglers we had on board mind you, but because of the water level.

See, fish in the Amazon base their feeding habits on what the water level is doing.  When the water goes up, the fish think the jungle is about to flood and they’re on their way to gorging and thus quit putting forth an effort to hunt for prey.  When the water drops, the fish eat anything they can get in their mouth.

This week the water went up.

So despite everyones’ – and I do mean everyones’ – best efforts, very few Peacock Bass were landed.

But then like Thoreau said, fishing’s not just about fishing.

No, it’s about seeing new places, meeting new friends, encountering a new culture, and cruising one of the last truly unspoiled places on Earth.

And that’s what my 21 guests did.

Fishing Report: Jan 5 - 13, 2017 Peacock Bass

This group of husbands and wives, friends, buddies, and fathers and sons fished hard, enjoyed a traditional barbeque lunch under the canopy of the rainforest, a chef prepared dinner under the stars on a virgin beach, drank like fishes, sang, swapped stories, bragged about how hard they were fishing, and took a ton of donations to a native village.

Brazilian Red and Green-Macaw

In addition they took note of all the birds and monkeys they saw, were amazed at the antics of pod after pod of pink dolphins, lounged in hammocks, and danced on the deck.

Fishing Report: Jan 5 - 13, 2017 Peacock Bass

And I must say that despite the low number of Peacocks caught, not one of these fantastic guests complained about the fishing conditions.  Instead, they showered my guides for their efforts, praised my chef for his meals, cocktails, and hors d’oeuvres, and bragged endlessly about the service my staff showed them.

Yes, they were a great bunch of guests and, in typical fashion, half of them booked a return trip for next season.

But then I knew they’d do so, even with the poor fishing.

I know this because I know Amazônia.

I’m Capt Peacock.

Capt Peacock Raises $43,500 For Conservation

Capt Peacock Yachts & Expeditions’ donation of a 9-day trip of Peacock Bass fishing in Brazil’s Amazon for eight people aboard their newly launched luxury yacht the Rio Negro Queen sold for $43,500 at Dallas Safari Club’s annual convention on Saturday, January 8, 2016.
The trip was purchased by Curtis and Patti Hamilton of Arlington, Texas and the money will be utilized by DSC for Outdoor Conservation. Capt Peacock Yachts & Expeditions’ President Leonardo Leao was more than ecstatic at the selling price.
“We – and I say ‘we’ because Capt Peacock is a team of absolutely fantastic people – are thrilled that our donated trip sold for what it did,” Leao said following the event. “It was the biggest seller of the evening and from what I understand the biggest sale of the entire convention. I think that shows what a great experience we can and do offer.”
Capt Peacock Yachts & Expeditions is no stranger to raising money for DSC and its outdoor endeavors. In the past five years, Capt Peacock has helped raise almost $350,000 for DSC and its donations have consistently raised the most money at Convention.
Leao reiterated, “Capt Peacock Yachts & Expeditions is always pleased to give back. It is part of who we are as a company, part of our mission statement, and it’s the right thing to do. And I expect that our donation to Safari Club International will do just as well at their convention come February.”
Visit Capt Peacock at the SCI Convention February 1 – 4, 2017 at booth #2143.
Capt Peacock combines unparalleled style and comfort with an authentic Amazonian experience in one of the last truly unspoiled places on Earth. Our 165-foot floating hotel was designed from the ground up and specifically to meet the uncompromising needs of our anglers and non-anglers alike. Onboard you’ll find our Michelin Chef designed menu, sommelier matched wines and cocktails, spacious and decorator-appointed staterooms and lounges, full-size elevator, infinity pool, gym, spa, classically-trained masseuses, a welcoming staff of 28 members, and of course, the best Peacock Fishing on the Planet. Join us for five days, seven days, or private designed trip packages.
Our slogan is our promise to you: World Record. World Class. A World Apart!

Yes, Virginia There Is A Santa Clause And He Does Visit Amazônia


Artwork by Allison V. Young

I received the following letter late last week.

Dear Capt Peacock—

I am 8 years old. Some of my little friends say there is no Santa Claus and furthermore if there was such a man, he surely wouldn’t visit Amazônia. My dad said I should write you, as you are an authority on all things regarding the Amazon and that, “If Capt Peacock says there’s a Santa and that he visits the Amazon, it’s so.” Please tell me the truth, is there a Santa Claus?

Virginia O’Hanlon

Well, Virginia, first let me congratulate you on your usage of the words “furthermore” and “regarding.” Pretty good vocabulary for an eight year old. Read More

Capt Peacock’s Journal: Macaws

Sometimes our trips go to the birds.

And that’s a good thing.

Today I’m referring to Kita.

She fished all day with her husband Hunter and although they caught tons of Peacock Bass – the biggest of which was pretty close to twenty pounds – she was most excited about the macaws she saw.

And she saw a lot of them.

She told me that she and her husband had just pulled into a cove to tackle some Peacock when, “The jungle just exploded in blue!” Kita continued saying that a flock over 70 blue macaws flew upward from the green void and that the sight left her breathless. She shared the experience with all the other guests and new friends that evening and was still talking about it the next day at breakfast.

Brazil’s Amazon is a very special and unique place and it’s experiences like the one Kita shared that keep people coming here.

I know this because I know Amazônia.

I’m Capt Peacock.

A vida é melhor vivida na Amazônia.