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Amazon River Dolphin

Dolphin Amazon

One of the most exotic species of Amazônia – and one found nowhere else in the world – is the Amazon River Dolphin (Inia geoffrensis). Also known as the Pink Dolphin and locally as Boto, these freshwater mammals are as mysterious as they are mythical. It is the largest of the world’s freshwater dolphins with males reaching weights of more than 400 pounds and lengths of over eight feet. Males are larger than females and are often more vibrant in color.  Despite the moniker of Pink Dolphin, it is born dark gray in color. Skin color lightens with age and eventually turns pink with repeated skin abrasion. Water temperature, transparency, and geographic location are also factors in color variants. Read More

Fishing Report, February 4 – 7, 2016


Kevin Vandm - Capt. Peacock Amazon Brazil 2016


Kevin Vandam - Amazon Brazil 2016, fishing peacock bass.
Kevin Vandam – Amazon Brazil 2016, fishing peacock bass.


Week 22 was filled with so much fun, so many friends, and such great fishing that it is the only week we’ve ever had that came sponsored by a beer company.

Actually it was our guest of honor that came sponsored by a beer company.

Kevin VanDam, or KVD as he’s known by fans, is the #1 Angler in the World, the first-ever Outdoorsman of the Year ESPY trophy winner, and the all-time money winner on the Bassmaster Tournament trail. As such he’s sponsored by some great companies. Among them our friends at Bass Pro Shops and the aforementioned beer company, Busch. Read More