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Capt. Peacock Fishing Report For Oct. 3 – 9, 2014

Sitting in the upper bar area of my 125 foot yacht having a refreshing caipirinha, I am taken aback by this week’s fishing numbers. It’s the first week of the season down here in the Amazon and the fish are biting like no one’s business. It’s been a blast to say the least.

Between Oct. 3 – 9, 2014 clients caught…

1,272 peacock bass under 10 pounds

23 10 pounders

5 11 pounders

6 12 pounders

5 13 pounders

5 14 pounders

4 15 pounders

5 16 pounders

3 17 pounders

2 18 ponders

1 19 pounder

3 20 pounders

1 22 pounder

and 1 23 pound behemoth

And these were all peacock bass, mind you.

Clients caught tons of other species as well.

Dallas Safari Club Member Joel O’Shoney landed more than 10 barracuda in a one-hour period. Not sure why Joel wanted to target those nasty buggers but he seemed to have a hell’uva time doing so, so to each his own I guess.

The fishing will only improve as the season continues.

I know this because I know Amazônia.

I’m Capt Peacock.

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We have one day between expeditions.

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