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Capt. Peacock Fishing Report For Dec. 5 – 12, 2014

Well, the weather outside might be frightful where you live but down here in Amazonia it’s great.

It’s warm, the sun is shinning, the beer is ice cold, and the fishing is the best it’s been this season.

This week we had 20 guests (Chairman, CEO, executives and families and friends) from Duncan Aviation Corp.

Together they caught a combined 1,758 peacock bass and probably just as many piranha, catfish, barracuda, and dogfish. Not only did this fine group of anglers land close to 2,000 peacocks but 67 of those were over 20 pounds.

And one of those was 24 pounds! Read More

Capt. Peacock Fishing Report For Nov. 27 – Dec. 5, 2014

I know. I know. This report is about a week late.

But do you really expect me to forgo the Eden around me to write up a fishing report?

Oh. You do?

Well, then here we go. But how about a weather related segue? Good.

Let’s see, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Oklahoma City…all freezing. All locked in a Winter of Discontent the likes of which only Santa Clause and penguins can truly enjoy.

Not her in Amazonia. Read More