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Capt. Peacock Looks To The Future, Gives To Community During Annual Conference

The day begins at Caesar Business.

The Capt. Peacock family recently came together to review their 12 years of success, to look to the future, and to give back to the community. The event began at Caesar Business Hotel in Manaus, Brazil on March 14. Twenty members of the Capt. Peacock Yachts & Expedition team gathered to celebrate the successful 2016 fishing season and to award those who helped make it such a success.

Capt Peacock Brazil's Amazon
Looking to the past to better the future

Capt Peacock Brazil's Amazon
Detailing the new Rio Negro Queen


Each member of the team was awarded their yearly bonus and the gift of a Samsung Galaxy tablet inscribed with the assurance, “You are part of our achievement.” Following, Director of Operations Sheldon Scotland was presented with the award for Associate of the Year as voted by a majority of the team earlier in the week. The award ceremony was followed by a presentation that outlined the company’s vision, mission, and values and explored where it would be heading in the next two years in terms of concept, investments, and new services and itinerary.

Capt Peacock Brazil's Amazon
Obrigado means “thank You!”
Capt. Peacock Yachts & Expeditions Owner Leonardo Leao and partner Ana Eliza honor Director of Operations Sheldon Scotland with Associate of the Year
Capt Peacock Brazil's Amazon
You are part of our achievement


Lunch was a leisurely affair held at the team’s favorite traditional Brazilian steakhouse and one most guests of Capt. Peacock well recognize, Buffalo. From there, the team ventured to the D. Waldeniza Home to distribute gifts and necessary staples. The D. Waldeniza Home serves the needs of 66 children ranging from newborn to 18 years of age and is dependent on help from organizations such as Capt. Peacock. Bringing needed supplies and gifts continued when the group visited Dr. Thomas’ nursing home. This home serves the needs of 109 retirees and, as with the D. Waldeniza Home, depends on donations of materials and time to serve those that it does. The conference and day of giving concluded with those in attendance thankful for the day at hand and excited about Capt. Peacock’s forthcoming season of new itineraries and expanded amenities aboard the brand-new Rio Negro Queen.

Capt Peacock Brazil's Amazon
Outside Caesar Business with gifts of thanks
Capt Peacock Best Bass Fishing In the Amazon
En route to Buffalo for plenty of meat!
Capt Peacock Best Bass Fishing In the Amazon

Those in attendance were:

President                                               Leonardo Leao

Partner                                                   Ana Eliza

Director of Operations                        Sheldon Scotland

Office Manager – Brazil                      Célio Menezes

Office Assistant – U.S.                        Ana Flavia

Designer & Art Manager                    Sergey Vargas

Chef                                                        Saulo “Saul” Ferreira

Chef Assistant                                      Bruno “Well” Marques

Chief of Maintenance                         Edinaldo Mestrinho

Head Waiter                                        Raimundo “Chip” da Silva

Waiter                                                   Felipe “Dale” Pinheiro

Chief Maid                                           Cleo Miranda

Chief Maid                                           Jane “Jan” Cesário

Chief Guide                                         Aderbal “Catfish” Santos

Sub Chief of Guide                            Jailson “Yoda” Tavares



Gecival “Blacky” Garcia

Francival “Frenchie” Monteiro

Aldeni “Nacho” Fonseca

Messias “Pancho” Ugarte

Julio “Champ” Mendes


Those not in attendance:

Media & Marketing Manager       Gayne C. Young

Guide                                                 Waldeli “Bob” Monteiro


Capt Peacock Brazil's Amazon
Unloading staples and gifts
Capt Peacock Brazil's Amazon
Giving back
Capt Peacock Brazil's Amazon
Making new friends




Capt Peacock Brazil's Amazon
Who truly received gifts this day?
Peacock Bass fishing Capt Peacock
The smiles say it all



Peacock Bass fishing Capt Peacock
Capt Peacock gives thanks for the honor of being allowed to visit!