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Thanksgiving On The Amazon


By Capt Peacock

Thanksgiving came early this year to the Amazon which is odd considering we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the Amazon.
The festivity came about however because our owner Leonardo is a Texan and proud of all things Lone Star State and American.

Including Thanksgiving.

So proud in fact, that this morning the crew and I were awakened by a float plane roaring in from Barcelos via Manaus. I had my trusty guide Blacky drive me out to meet the plane and after some quick greetings the two of us were loading the Bass Tracker with tons of food. Leonardo had sent us turkeys, stuffing, cranberry apple chutney, fruit. casseroles, breads, pies, Texas wines, and a couple six packs of Mexican beer.

I’m not sure what Dos Equis and Sol have to do with Thanksgiving, but we happily offloaded it all.

From there it was up to the galley for Executive Chef Saul to make a meal of.

And make a meal did he!

While he worked I pulled the yacht next to a virgin, white sand beach and had the crew setup a dinner party fit for kings. We carried all the food onto the beach, gave thanks to the Almighty, and had a real Thanksgiving meal.

I’m not sure how they celebrate Thanksgiving it the states, but I feel we did it right there on that untouched beach. We had food, fellowship, and friends – pretty much what I think the holiday is all about.

It was a great time for sure but I know better are coming…

I know this because I know Amazônia.

I’m Capt Peacock.