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Mosquitoes Suck…But Not In The Amazon


Some of the more frequently asked questions of Capt. Peacock about fishing Brazil’s Amazon deal with mosquitoes. Potential visitors are worried that they will eaten alive and or contract a host of communicable diseases such as Malaria or Yellow Fever.

Fortunately, nothing could be further from than the truth as the Rio Negro simply cannot support mosquitoes.

The river’s PH and acidity level is such that mosquito – and a host of other insect larvae – simply cannot develop or live within it (Journal of Experimental Biology). This means there are very few insects on the river proper or on the immediate shores. Mosquitoes and a host of other insects can, however, be found in great numbers deeper (very deep) into the rainforest, away from the river but these are areas seldom, if ever, visited by guests of Capt. Peacock.

Because most of your time will be spent on the river, on our air-conditioned yacht, or on the shore close to the river, it is not mandatory to obtain malaria medication, or a Yellow Fever immunization, or even wear mosquito repellent.