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Capt. Peacock Fishing Report For Nov. 13 – 21, 2014

First off, let me apologize for the lateness of this report. It’s a few weeks past due but then the weather down here in Amazonia has been so nice and the fishing so good that the last thing I’ve wanted to do was type up a fishing report.

Do people still use the word “type” or is it some computer term I’ve yet to learn?

Regardless, like I said, the weather and the fish have been cooperating greatly!

And my guests couldn’t agree more.

We had 22 guests this week, most of which were couples, and all of which tell me they had the time of their life enjoying the 5 Star Amenities that my crew and I offer. I think everyone had at least one massage and I dare say that most put on a few pounds thanks to our executive chef. And judging by the number of wine corks popped I guess there were a few celebratory toasts made as well.

But onto the fishing…

Our 22 guests landed 1,381 peacock bass this week and countless piranha, barracuda, and other species. They would have caught a lot more I’m sure but…did I mention it was a couples trip and they were more interested in enjoying time aboard our 125 foot yacht?

Of course more fish will be caught in the weeks to come.

I know this because I know Amazônia.

I’m Capt Peacock.

A vida é melhor vivida na Amazônia.