"First Class Amazon Bass"

5-Star Floating Hotel


Captain Peacock Yachts & Expeditions, Inc. operates a 125 ft. yacht, which provides the most luxurious mobile accommodations of any Peacock Bass fishing operation in Brazil’s Amazon.


Our luxury yacht accommodates up to 22 anglers per expedition (double occupancy) or 14 anglers (single occupancy). Guest lodging includes 14 staterooms: 1 king bed room, 2 queen bed rooms, and 11 side by side single bed single beds.


Each stateroom has a spacious private bathroom with hot water, its own independent air-conditioning system, and satellite TV. Every area onboard has an internal height of 6-1/2 to 7 feet, so no one but the very tallest customer will have to stoop.

The yacht is equipped with advanced navigation equipment and various shipboard amenities. These include satellite phone service ($10 per minute), satellite internet service ($10 per MB), digital radar and sonar equipment, pressurized drinking water reservoir, daily laundry and maid service, emergency gear, defibillulator and first aid supplies, onboard DVD home theater system, and more.

Our onboard Executive Chef serves delicious regional and international cuisine and selected wines at every meal, The cocktail area offers an open bar with Brazilian and International drinks, premium liquors, and top red and white wine selections at no additional cost.

Our Boat Manager. along with 23 qualified crew members (including fishing guides) will host you during the week, making sure that every little detail has been taken care of.



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