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Experience World Record Peacock Bass Fishing while enjoying the finest in food, accommodations, service and equipment!


Let CP take you into remote areas of the Amazon Rainforest which have never had a road and never been timbered for a Peacock Bass fishing experience of a lifetime. Spend your days fishing from our NEW American made 175 Tracker bass boats, returning each evening  to our 125’ luxury yacht which will provide you the comforts of home and the services of an upscale hotel.  Did I mention that in February of 2010, Bill Gassmann fishing with Captain Peacock caught a 28 lb monster Peacock that broke the long standing IGFA All Tackle World Record?


10 Exclusive Reasons to join us:

    1. The mobility of our yacht allows you to fish more than 3 tributaries with your guides on our new Bass Tracker Boats while spending the nights in comfort, safety, and luxury on our 125 yacht.
  • 2. Fishing from our 2013 American made Bass Tracker fishing boats, fully equipped with long range radios, electrical motors, and fish finders.
  • 3. First Class services provided by our Executive Chef and English speaking Yacht Manager along with 11 highly qualified crewmembers.
  • 4. 11 Pro Guides who have guided anglers to World Record Peacocks and can communicate in English after 14 years of experience guiding Americans.
  • 5. Complimentary custom TFO bait casting and spinning rods plus Shimano Curado 200 G-7 and 300 EJ baitr
  • 6. Complimentary red and white South American wine selections as well as Premium Beers, Liquors, Beverages, Cocktails, and Water.
  • 7. Private charter flights in the world's best aircraft available for such operation: Bombardier ATR 42 - Multi Engline Turbo Prop Aircraft with 44 seats.
  • 8. Two nights in deluxe hotel rooms at the best upscale hotel in Manaus, Brazil - The Radisson.
  • 9. Personalized services from our English speaking hosts during your entire stay in Brazil.
  • 10. Amazing extra ecotour activities while cruising in the Rio Negro and its tributaries as well as in Manaus.


The Fishing:  Anglers travel to the Amazon mainly for the huge Peacock Bass Brazil’s Amazon has to offer.  You will be able to catch Barred and Speckled Peacock Bass weighing up to 30 lbs  as well as Butterfly & Popoca Peacock weighing up to 10 lbs.  If you wish to wrestle in the afternoons, there are several species of catfish available that will weigh upwards of 300 lbs!  Our mobile yacht allows us to catch large number of average size Peacocks from 6 – 12 lbs in the shallow waters or fish the main river channel where the last 3 IGFA All Tackle World Records have been caught.  There are over 2,500 species of fish in the Rio Negro allowing you to fish for a myriad of species.


Accommodations:  Captain Peacock utilizes a 125’ luxury aluminum hulled yacht equipped with modern navigation, communications & safety equipment, 14 private staterooms each with side by side beds, independent air conditioning units, private bathrooms and showers with hot water.  Hors d’oeuvers are served at 5:30 in the evening on the flying deck with a full open bar featuring red and white South American wine selections as well as Premium Beers, Liquors, Beverages, Cocktails, and Waters. Relax after a day of fishing while enjoying the awesome sunsets in the Amazon. Meals are provided by our on board Chef offering 4 different main courses each morning and evening. If you wish to come back in the middle of the day to have a table service special meal and then take a rest before going back out in the afternoonm, our crew will be happy to attend to your request.


Guides & staff:  We have a staff of 24 on our yacht for your service and convenience, including daily maid and laundry service.  Our guides were born and raised in the villages of the Rio Negro and Amazon 'Rivers and average over 14 years of experience guiding American anglers for Peacock Bass and optional ecotour adventures.  Anglers will leave our yacht at daylight each morning in our NEW 175 Tracker bass boats to fish during the day.   We have experienced English speaking hosts who will be with you during your stay in Manaus and on the yacht.


Additional Activities: You can take a break from fishing and visit indigenous Indian villages and trade for basket & bead work.  On the river you can view the pink & gray dolphins indigenous only to the Amazon, 7’ River Otters, a myriad of birds and flowers or just explore the primitive Amazon Rainforest.  In Manaus, a city of 2 million, we offer tours of one of the world’s most famous Opera Houses, the historic Governors Mansion, the new soccer stadium being built for the 2014 World Cup matches and the historic fish market on the wharf among other great options. Ask for our Extra Activities Packages.



Pro Guides in the Amazon


Our guides average 14 years of experience and can communicate in English with you. They know how to get you hooked up with trophy Peacocks as well as other exotic species. They were born and raised on those waters the giants live in. Challenge them and you will see their values.

From the left to the right, you see Pineapple (Renato); Denny Boy (Denival), French (Francival) ,Jack (Irineu), Blacky ( Preto), Fat Boy (Giovani) and Catfish (Aderball).



VISION - To be a reference on how to safely and sustainably develop Brazil's Amazon Nautical Tourism worldwide.

MISION -To be the world’s best yacht operation based on service and equipment, but also through innovations and excellency, thus becoming more efficient on every expedition, exceeding customer’s, employee’s, and partner’s expectations.


  • Clear conduction of business;
  • Concern with the development of our professionals;
  • Taking responsibilities in any market that we participate;
  • Excellency and innovation in services and equipments;
  • Respect for the environment, human beings, and its biodiversities.


Capt. Peacock Yachts & Expeditions, Inc. today results in 1.5 crewmember for every custumer on board, plus a professional staff on land. The full accomplishment of customer’s expectations is our major goal, which makes us all proud to be the best fishing operation in Brazil's Amazon. Our high level of service is possible thanks to the skills, knowledge, and commitment of our staff and crewmembers as well as incomparable quality of equipment and investments to it. Special prices, high quality service, and full commitment to serving customers with responsibility and professionalism, is one of the keys of our progress every year.




Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture


Marine Brazilian Authority


Brazilian Tourism Ministry


Brazilian Institute of Environment and Natural Resources


Amazon Institute of Environment Protection


Amazon Tour Boats Association


Amazonas Convention & Visitors Bureau


Peacock Bass Association


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